Keyhole Factory, by William Gillespie
from Counterpoint / Soft Skull Press

Keyhole Factory


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“...frequently brilliant. Those willing to grapple with its complexities are rewarded with a remarkable work of fiction.” AMERICAN READER

“It’s useful to point out here that much literary experiment is essential playful, fun. And Gillespie’s novel, despite being about disease and the the near total destruction of mankind, has a (ever so deliciously macabre) hopeful side.” NUMÉRO CINQ

“…This is an experimental novel-chunks of poetry interrupt the traditional chapters, graphics appear throughout, and a middle section is horizontal-but the pleasure of the text is fine and true…” LIBRARY JOURNAL REVIEW

“…one of the most inventive and absorbing books I've
read in the last year…” INSIDE HIGHER ED

"…a violent, apocalyptic story told with an arsenal of narrative tropes.” BOOKLIST

"…you would have to go back to Denis Johnson’s Fiskadoro to find such a purely poetic take on the unthinkable.” PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY

“…stupendous, mind-bending…” AMERICAN BOOK REVIEW

“…by turns bewildering and gorgeous, maddening
and profound…” SMILE POLITELY


“The author’s foray into the inconceivable digs far beneath the trusty surface of cause and effect. He parlays his scientific familiarity to create maddening illustrations showing all we know is consistently less than what we don’t.” BOOK CORNER

“…by turns horrifying, poignant, hilarious, ugly, beautiful, mysterious, poetic, and overall, human, all-too human. Gillespie is able to achieve all this because he is an incredibly talented writer, adept at a wide range of styles, making this novel an exhilarating roller coaster of a read which I recommend without reservation.” DIRK STRATTON



“William one of the wittiest and most original writers in contemporary American literature.” –Robert Coover

“...his vastly superior linguistic skills, mathematical mind, intelligence and curiosity combine with his produce writing of a unique richness and playfulness.”—Lucia Cordell Getsi

“Gillespie works in a contemporary tradition whose foremost practitioners are members of the Oulipo, the Paris-based group of writers and mathematicians founded in 1960 by Raymond Queneau and François Le Lionnais. Gillespie’s poetry can seem as feverishly wrought as some works of Ian Monk and at other times as stylishly refined as some works of Harry Mathews.” — Doug Nufer, American Book Review

“...a writer who has clearly learned his chops well.” —Eckhard Gerdes, Context

“[Gillespie’s] language here is far from restrained—it is disciplined, wily, animated, resourceful, in turn nonsensical and musical, but supremely vital, dazzling to confront ("read" is not quite the verb), sculpted lines smeary with fingerprints, stunned by the audacity of their own construction.”—Joseph Dewey, Review of Contemporary Fiction

“His imagination is sharp, raucous, random, and contrarian.”—Lance Olsen, American Book Review

"That this message might sound retrograde to those who feel writers working in multiple media should abandon the literary altogether suggests why the readers and writers who believe in the field of electronic literature and the ethico-political importance of sustaining human readability9 need William Gillespie, DIY publisher and author of affective, meaningful post-digital fictions for the Programming Era."—Eric Dean Rasmussen, Countertext

“I think the world is finally ready for William Gillespie.”–Philip Graham




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With John Warner in INSIDE HIGHER ED

Davis Schneiderman writes questions to interview answers by William Gillespie in BIG OTHER




Narrative and Affect in William Gillespie's Keyhole Factory and Morpheus: Biblionaut, or, Post-Digital Fiction for the Programming Era,
by Eric Dean Rasmussen, published in CounterText 2:2 (cached)

Mapping Keyhole Factory”, published in Keeler News 81




Keep the Change, published in Numéro Cinq.

Morpheus: Biblionaut, an electronic translation of
a story from Keyhole Factory, by Travis Alber and William Gillespie
requires the Flash plug-in and takes about twenty minutes to read.




William Gillespie on Smile Politely Radio (MP3)

William on WEFT.

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Keyhole Cake

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